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The fastest year of all time…

My little guy turned one on Tuesday. Can you believe it? Its been an entire year since he was born. It really feels like yesterday.
well, ok. Maybe not yesterday but certainly not a year ago! Its true what they say, children make time just whirl by.
He thoroughly enjoyed being a Birthday Boy, reveled in the attention and screeched gleefully with each new present that was opened. My girlfriend gave him a bag full of board books (like 20) and this was clearly 1-year old heaven. He stayed up late playing with his toys, flipping through his books and took off scooting when we tried to scooped him up for his bath and story. Clearly he didn’t want his special night to end.
And cupcakes? A huge hit.
(unfortunately the digital camera bit the dust, again, so you’ll have to wait for my film to be developed for birthday pics).

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