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I am saddened that no one felt obligated to comment on the awesomeness that is my dog. People! My dog is so awesome that he jumped the queue to get a spot in the kennel. That’s AWESOME.
Also, Calgarians, did you not catch on to the fact that if I need to put the dog in the kennel over Christmas then… I’ll be elsewhere for Christmas… like, say, Calgary?
poo-ee on all of you. Poo-EE.
In other news, oh wait, I don’t really have any other news. The Sequel appears to be doing well, with a heartbeat between 120-130 bpm and the appropriate growth. The best part, though, is that morning sickness is finally a thing of the past. Morning sickness can bite me, that’s how I feel about it. And I wasn’t even that sick, comparitively speaking. My first ultrasound will be November 5th at 19 weeks assuming nothing major happens between now and then. I’ll keep you posted because I know you’re just on the edge of your computer chair right now. Aren’t you? Right?

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