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Crafty and Thrifty. A Perfect Combination.

When Callum was wee I had bibs galore. Bibs are, I’m assuming, a fairly inexpensive shower gift. As Callum got older those first bibs just weren’t going to cut it anymore. They were adorable but clearly intended for little, little guys. Once a kid really starts to eat you need a serious bib that actually covers up something more than the underside of their chin.
Turns out the big bibs aren’t so cheap, which is why I’m guessing I didn’t get any as shower gifts. I did, however, get a couple of great hand-me-down bibs from Michelle and both my Grandma and Uncle bought Callum a couple of big bibs. 5 bibs, however, doesn’t get you very far until you have to do laundry and who wants to do laundry that often?
I was chatting with Grandma about the bib dilema and we both thought that you can probably make a bib pretty damn cheaply. I was in the local thrift store one afternoon and found this ridiculously cute shower curtain and thought “Hey! Cute Bibs!”.
So $2 for the curtain and another $18 in binding and velcro I am now the proud owner of 21 bibs with pockets. It would have been 22 but the cat ate the tip of one.
Admittedly twenty-two bibs is a little excessive. When I started this project I had no idea how far a simple shower curtain could go. It can go a long, long way. I just loved the little creatures on it. So cute!
In the same realm of craftiness and thriftiness, some time ago I realized that I needed some face clothes for Callum in the kitchen. I have a huge stash of those little cotton clothes that you can buy everywhere, but we use those for diaper clean-ups so they really can’t be used to wash his face. I have this huge stash of wool (most of it cheap and crappy) and happened to have a pile of handicraft cotton so a face cloths I did make. A happy little basket, in fact.
And just because I can’t help myself, Callum’s trick-or-treat bag (also made from thrift-store felt, and left over doo-dads I had around the house. See? Still thrifty!)

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