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man, I can’t sew

My bibs? Didn’t fair so well in the wash. Or rather, my sewing didn’t fair so well. A lot of the binding frayed. And a lot of my admittedly crap velcro came off, but it was that self-adhesive stuff. I couldn’t find any velcro you just sew on, and you can’t sew threw the damn adhesive. And I made a cute little crown for a friend’s little girl and a. forgot to take a picture and 2. its too small. I can’t win.
Its a learning process anyway. Maybe, someday, I’ll be able to sew something.
The Sequel is starting that pre-movement thing you feel that is all butterflies in your belly and feels sorta creepy. Hopefully we get to full-on movement soon because I hate this quickening feeling.
In Callum news, he’s a booger-making machine but pretty happy about it on the whole. He’s so damn cute right now, I just love this age. I’ve always loved this age, so its not surprising I’m having so much fun with it. We went out last night to a Halloween Party (perhaps they’ll be pictures but I take a horrific picture so I’m not making any promises) and he was an adorable spider. He even looked like a spider scooting all over the place.

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