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Crafty and Thrifty. A Perfect Combination.

When Callum was wee I had bibs galore. Bibs are, I’m assuming, a fairly inexpensive shower gift. As Callum got older those first bibs just weren’t going to cut it anymore. They were adorable but clearly intended for little, little guys. Once a kid really starts to eat you need a serious bib that actually covers up something more than the underside of their chin.
Turns out the big bibs aren’t so cheap, which is why I’m guessing I didn’t get any as shower gifts. I did, however, get a couple of great hand-me-down bibs from Michelle and both my Grandma and Uncle bought Callum a couple of big bibs. 5 bibs, however, doesn’t get you very far until you have to do laundry and who wants to do laundry that often?
I was chatting with Grandma about the bib dilema and we both thought that you can probably make a bib pretty damn cheaply. I was in the local thrift store one afternoon and found this ridiculously cute shower curtain and thought “Hey! Cute Bibs!”.
So $2 for the curtain and another $18 in binding and velcro I am now the proud owner of 21 bibs with pockets. It would have been 22 but the cat ate the tip of one.
Admittedly twenty-two bibs is a little excessive. When I started this project I had no idea how far a simple shower curtain could go. It can go a long, long way. I just loved the little creatures on it. So cute!
In the same realm of craftiness and thriftiness, some time ago I realized that I needed some face clothes for Callum in the kitchen. I have a huge stash of those little cotton clothes that you can buy everywhere, but we use those for diaper clean-ups so they really can’t be used to wash his face. I have this huge stash of wool (most of it cheap and crappy) and happened to have a pile of handicraft cotton so a face cloths I did make. A happy little basket, in fact.
And just because I can’t help myself, Callum’s trick-or-treat bag (also made from thrift-store felt, and left over doo-dads I had around the house. See? Still thrifty!)

20 Responses to “Crafty and Thrifty. A Perfect Combination.”

  1. LisaB says:

    Huh, I had no idea big bibs were expensive – good to know for future baby gifting. Way to go with your thrifty 21! Very awesome.

  2. Amber Amber says:

    Maybe its just the island but a pack of three decent bibs that are plastic/cloth with a pocket is $9. That’s $3/bib. Its hard to spend that kind of money on plastic, you know?! And a full-sized one with arms is $10 for ONE. My Grandma bought me one, its handy when he’s in a nice outfit and you’re out and about, but $10??! She’s making me another.

  3. Chrispy says:

    I am going to ask a stupid “I’m not a mom and what do I know?” kind of question. Why do bibs need pockets?
    Just curious. I would think they would just be food traps but what do I know?

  4. Amber Amber says:

    I thought the same thing – what’s the point? They ARE food traps and that is a good thing, keeps the food off their pants! And the food they don’t like? Goes in the pocket…

  5. Mom says:

    Also a handy stash for the dog, when no one is looking, except perhaps, Sir Callum. I love the Spider trick or treat bag. Very clever. I see the the stiffening stuff worked!
    $.95 per bib. Pretty good. Much better than $3.00 each plus tax. You are a thrifty girl!!

  6. Angela says:

    21 bibs is NOT excessive and with another on the way and absolute necessity. They look absolutely awesome. I considered it but I can’t even find time to clean my dirty floor so these days making anything is out of the question. I am totally envious.
    We have some of the face clothes like you made and they are very effective and still used to this day so you will get many years of use out of them.
    I have about 15 of the plastic bibs and they are $5 each. I have 2 of the “cheap” $3 ones and the print on them comes off on the kids. Not recommended.
    Good Job mom!

  7. Angela says:

    I also meant to add that I have close to 40 bibs and when you have several kids using them a day they go fast!

  8. Amber Amber says:

    I’m not sure how long they’ll last because my sewing abilities aren’t exactly that great, and they’re not as sturdy as they would be if they were made out of oilcloth. Although they seem to be washing well…

  9. GRANDMA says:

    Made 6 more from the shower curtain you got me so you are bibbed out now.I don’t think they will last long -mine are the kind with arms so a small change Keep for the next one !!!

  10. GRANDMA says:

    Sorry I posted twice but was informed that it couldn’t be posted so try again-being obedient ,I did and hence the error.

  11. Amber Amber says:

    No problem, I have the power to delete double posts :)

  12. Chrispy says:

    You should make more and sell them on!

  13. Amber Amber says:

    well, you can’t actually do it for profit. Your time would be free, and they are far too fiddly to do it for free. Maybe if you could find super cheap oilcloth it would be worth it (you can charge more for oilcloth than a used shower curtain). I did think about that, but the numbers didn’t work out.

  14. Tarrah says:

    I’d buy them. Even if it was a used shower curtain! I love those Ikea shower curtains, too cute. They had those ones up in my gym for a while and it totally made me smile while showering. 8) Too much info?
    Am I awful? I have like 30 quizzilion little clothes that I use for EVERYTHING. I keep a pile in the wipe warmer for Kailey’s butt, and a pile in the kitchen for her face. But her butt clothes get washed on hot, so it never even occurred to me I should be separating them out… thus the awful. Huh, I should be keeping the two piles separate?

  15. Amber Amber says:

    I dunno if they’re washed in hot if it matters. I would think the hot water would kill everything (and if the hot water doesn’t, the soap should?)Because of how the water works here, I don’t use hot, it takes WAY too long to get a load of wash done on hot, so I use warm… I’m hoping that’s good enough too :) .

  16. pogonip says:

    They are all so cute and clever. I just love the spider trick-or-treat bag. And leftover plastic scraps–tuck them in your diaper bag and you can change Callum anywhere without worrying about dirty surfaces!

  17. Michelle says:

    You are brilliant! Truly Brilliant! Sorry it took me so long to read this post , it won’t happen again:)
    Those shower curtains are great for a drop cloth under the highchair too! Especially if you hate washing floors!)

  18. Kimli says:

    Those are super cute, and I used to have that shower curtain – it’s from Ikea! :)

  19. Anonymous says:

    So Crafty! I totally envious… I’ll send you the picture of the hat I made Evie once I get connected back at home again.. (computer issues… sigh!)
    Glad things are going well…

  20. dawn says:

    I suppose it would have helped if I included my name on that last post…

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