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man, I can’t sew

My bibs? Didn’t fair so well in the wash. Or rather, my sewing didn’t fair so well. A lot of the binding frayed. And a lot of my admittedly crap velcro came off, but it was that self-adhesive stuff. I couldn’t find any velcro you just sew on, and you can’t sew threw the damn adhesive. And I made a cute little crown for a friend’s little girl and a. forgot to take a picture and 2. its too small. I can’t win.
Its a learning process anyway. Maybe, someday, I’ll be able to sew something.
The Sequel is starting that pre-movement thing you feel that is all butterflies in your belly and feels sorta creepy. Hopefully we get to full-on movement soon because I hate this quickening feeling.
In Callum news, he’s a booger-making machine but pretty happy about it on the whole. He’s so damn cute right now, I just love this age. I’ve always loved this age, so its not surprising I’m having so much fun with it. We went out last night to a Halloween Party (perhaps they’ll be pictures but I take a horrific picture so I’m not making any promises) and he was an adorable spider. He even looked like a spider scooting all over the place.

4 Responses to “man, I can’t sew”

  1. Michelle says:

    Admitidly(sp?) Callum Is one of the cutest babies…ever. However I have never heard baby snot referred to as cute. I guess that constitutes unconventional love. None the less you make me smile as always:)

  2. tarrah says:

    I’m glad the cold isn’t getting the little guy down. Maybe he’ll be over it before winter kicks in and he won’t get sick all winter!
    I LOVED that butterfly feeling–but then again, I also think the whole of pregnancy is creepy. Not to mention breastfeeding–super weirded out by it. Still. And I’ve been bfing for nine months now!
    So when do you find out if its boy/girl again? Can’t wait!

  3. Amber Amber says:

    I meant the age overall, not this particular snotty time :) .
    I find out in December (near Christmas) the sex! hee! I can’t wait to know, either. I’m looking forward to the ultra-sound next week, too, though, just because to go 19.5 weeks without really knowing how its all going is hard on the psyche.

  4. Phil McCraken says:

    I have two requests:
    a: please avoid velcro all together – not sexy.
    2: please number/letter your lists correctly.

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