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And so it spreads… first Steve, then the kidlet. I didn’t sleep last night trying to keep Callum asleep so I’m pretty sure I’m next unless being pregnant makes my super immune system the most amazing immune system ever and I miraculously fight it off.
Need. Sleep.
We’re skipping our playgroup today, though, because spreading the germs just seems rude.

4 Responses to “Sick.”

  1. tarrah says:

    oh no… not Callum too! Huh. You and me need to be closer so we can alternate being up with kids so we at least get SOME sleep. But I’m not pregnant, so I’d just volunteer to be up for both of us!

  2. Mom says:

    Ah, hope you feel better soon

  3. Angela says:

    Hope you feel better soon. You will be more sick with kids than you have in the last 15 years without. They are germ magnets.

  4. Michelle says:

    I agree with Angela. We have had what seems to be the exact same( even though I know that is not possible) cold back to back. Both Alex and I. The kids have it to but unlike most things they handle it much better than us.
    On a footnote Tarrah is a much person than I….I would never volunteer to stay up for both of us. I love you but really…….she is a much better person then I….Just saying

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