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wordless wednesday::snow day

snow day

handmade::The Christmas Dress

I finally (finally!) sewed together the dress I was knitting Claire for Christmas.  That’s right.  For Christmas.  SHUT UP.

ta da!

The knitting for this dress was finished well before Christmas.  There was no excuse why I didn’t get it put together and wrapped for her.  No excuse except that sewing it up and putting on the lace took one hundred million years.  I hate sewing up a piece, and this one seemed to have a million (ok, 5) pieces to sew together and line up, add to that the blocking and the sewing of a button and you’ve got yourself a recipe for procrastination.  Not that I need a recipe.  I am basically the President of the Fan Club for Procrastination.

a dress meant for flying in, apparently

I am glad I put it together before, you know, spring.  Even when I finally decided to suck it up and get ‘er done, it took me over a month.  I suspect this one wearing will be the only one until the fall but thankfully it should still fit in September (or, November since it really isn’t cold enough for wool dresses in September here.  The knitter in me wants to move to Alaska to justify the wool.  The rest of me isn’t so stupid, thank god).  The only thing I don’t dig about the dress is apparently one ball of yarn was different than the rest, so the bottom of the front of the dress stripes differently.  All that work and the damn yarn stripes differently?  That there is why oh-so-many people can’t be bothered to knit.

seriously cute boots.

The boots are friggin’ adorable but my model was being VERY unco-operative and wouldn’t do her Super!Claire! moves with the boots on.  It’s a whole outfit, though.  A whole outfit for a girl who prefers to wear nothing but that which God gave her at every opportunity, and if she MUST get dressed, her outfit of choice is leggings and a clashing t-shirt.  She also refused pigtails, even though I was heavily suggesting that would be adorable.

She does appreciate that Mama made it, though.  I’m doing some things right.

wordless wednesday::skate park

skate park

heavy on pink, sprinkled with red

Steve and I aren’t Valentine Day celebrators, but I do think it is a fun holiday for the kids.  Not that I would have scoffed at a box of chocolates.  Or some flowers.  Or a gift certificate for a massage.

Something about valentine crafting makes me happy, it’s quick and pleasing.  And full of hearts and pink.  I like hearts.  I like pink.  I like crafting. WIN-WIN-WIN. 

cutting. serious work.

Last week the kids and I made wax paper crayon valentine hearts that have been hanging in the window.  Callum informed my mother that we plan to pull these out every year when we decorate. 

keepers? really?

I totally planned to throw them out.  Decisions.  Decisions.

Yesterday I visited with the lovely Laura and adorable Gwen, and that little playdate resulted in Anna going to bed at 7:30 pm.  This is insane.  I was drunk with the possibilities of what I could do with an entire evening stretched out before me.  Inspired by the heart tic-tac-toe game on alphamom, I made the kids this:

heart on heart

Of course, I could have finished any number of unfinished projects I’ve got going on but hearts! pink! crafting!  THE STARS ALIGNED.  The kids played one game this morning, then fought about it for the next hour, Callum grasping the concept of how to play tic-tac-toe while Claire just wanted to carry her hearts around.  Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for. 

Love.  It was in the air today.

You know I have to do a side tangent and talk craft, now, right?  It must be done.   The game was super easy to make, I could totally see making it as a favour at a February birthday party.  Or changing it up to suit the birthday theme – pond with fish beanbags or just a square board with flowers, or trains, or if you’re really feeling it, a favorite character.  This particular version was super cheap as I shopped my stash.  It was almost recrafted, but not quite, the white felt was store bought.  My wee hearts are small, so it was about 3 teaspoons of rice to fill, and used less than one sheet of craft felt.  They were also hand sewn because I wanted to watch the grammies (PRIORITIES! Free evening!  I was multi-tasking!), and the game board itself is just another piece of felt and I used glitter glue for the lines.  I would machine sew the beanbags if I was mass-producing these as a favour though.  How cute would this look in a little felted bag with an applique?  I know right?  You’re totally dying inside.  I can tell.

nothing says "I love you" like a martian does.

Then we made pink popcorn for Callum’s preschool, the recipe from Dinner with Julie (a treasure trove of awesomeness).  Good stuff although it is very sweet.  Callum made each kid in his class a red valentine martian, so we attached those to the little baggies.  Be still my beating heart, people.   He wrote out every kid’s name himself, too.  Took him two hours of sitting at the kitchen table, thinking about each kid, creating their martian, then writing out their name and his.  There is love oozing out of every pore of my body.  How’s that for a sappy Mommy Moment?

Then we made chocolate cupcakes with pink icing.  I used the kitchenaide mixer Fearthainn gave me for Christmas.  IT WAS HEAVEN.

Then we made pizza dough to make the annual heart-shaped pizza.  I always have a heart-shaped pizza.  It’s my thing.  The kids cared not at all but my heart likes to be bursted with cheese.  Cheese.   The reason I’ll never be skinny.

i love me a heartfelt pizza

The kids and I enjoyed the pizza before Steve got home to quickly whisk Callum to swimming lessons (his interest in swimming lessons does not equal his interest in making valentine martians) while the girls and I had a bubble bath.  I try to get in the bath as often as I can because I know that these opportunities are fleeting.  We play rocketship when I bath with the kids (all four of us in there is ridiculous, no doubt).  So we all buckle in and zoom off to the shark planet and then pretend to be sharks, or the frog planet with a lot of hand hopping, or the crab planet where there is a lot of pretend pinching.   There is blasting off and crash landings and we take our buckling up very seriously.  That is the effect the car seat manufacturers has had on an entire generation of children’s imagination.  We can’t even take off on an imaginary rocketship without first doing up our seatbelts.

blast off!

All in all, not a bad Valentine’s Day.  Even if I didn’t get that gift certificate.

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