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I’ve decided not to renew my hosting this year.  After all these years it seems weird, but there you go!  I hardly update anymore and I’m feeling uncomfortable with blogging about the kids as they age.  I might scale back and look into some free hosting, and I still own the domain name but if things are down that’s why.  It was just too much money to spend for something I’m not contributing to.  So, find me on facebook?

4 Responses to “regrouping”

  1. pogonip says:

    It’ll be strange not to have you here–but you are right to step back to protect your kidlets. It’s been a fun ride. Email me if you’re interested and I’ll give you my Facebook name (I use my maiden name). :)
    pogonip´s last [type] ..Rhubarb Success (Maybe)

  2. adequatemom says:

    That’s a drag. I have always loved your blog. Are you going to download and save it somewhere so you still have it? Or is that just my own ridiculous hoarding instinct insisting that’s necessary?
    adequatemom´s last [type] ..In the car, on the way to preschool

  3. Amber Amber says:

    I will definitely be downloading (guess I should do that tonight, it expires today! I kept the domain name, I’ll probably map to a free host. Sad, my host provider is awesome, but money shuffle and priorities. Didn’t make sense to pay for it.

  4. Suzy says:

    I will miss you, too! I hope you do go the free hosting route. ~hugs~
    Suzy´s last [type] ..Licensed

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